Zack R. Smith is a New York-based writer, producer, photographer, vegetarian and visionary.

He is the recipient of numerous honors both his work in creative ventures as well as the news industry.

Zack R. Smith

If ever you wonder why Zack is the way he is, here’s the snack-sized version. Born and raised in Fair Grove, Missouri – population 1,107 – he attended Fair Grove High School and later Southwest Missouri State University, from which he promptly flunked out.

For lack of anything better or nobler to do, Zack moved to Wichita Falls, Texas where he sold his plasma for grocery money twice a week, before talking his way into a television station and writing his way into a job as a News Producer. The news business has taken him from Texas, to Alabama, to North Carolina, and now Manhattan for the past six-plus years. Along the way, Zack picked up a Bachelor’s Degree in American Literature from the University of South Alabama and a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from Queens University.

And he also wrote. And wrote. Picked up a camera and learned to shoot. Picked up a laptop and learned to edit. Did some more writing. Won a bunch of Emmys. And most importantly and proudly, Zack was honored for his screenwriting at film festivals in New York, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Las Vegas.

Zack’s Hometown

He draws passion and inspiration from the works of Woody Allen, Steven Soderberg, John Mulaney, Whitney Cummings, Jonathan Tropper, and the journalistic writing of David Foster Wallace.

His current projects include a new screenplay for a heist movie, an essay on the importance of escaping to Margaritaville, and his new website –

As of this writing, Zack remains holed up in his apartment on Manhattan’s East Side.

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